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Grace Amidst a Mess

My house is in a muddle. It is a wreck all the way around the clock. The laundry nor the dishes are completed. A pan and an extra sticky plate are left to soak all through the afternoon and into the evening. Clothes sit idly by in the dryer until we pick something from it to wear, and the load dwindles down just enough to be enthused to put it away. The floor is in faint need of being swept, and a meal is yet to be thought out for the evening.

As this is a day-to-day occurrence, I stop to look at all of the untidiness. I slowly but surely begin to equate it with my own worth. I observe an unkempt home, and I begin to berate myself. I feed on useless feelings of ugliness, proclaiming I am a no good wife and mother. This cuts as deeply as looking in the mirror and being in utter disgust with the shape of one’s body. However, today among this madness of self-deprecation, I recognize a gentle stirring to remember what holds true in my life. My husband is not in the least bit bothered by what I feel is earth-shattering disorderliness. He does not go around affirming my feelings of ugliness, as he encourages me to not be in distress. Untidiness has no ill effect on my children, because well they’re children. They love a good mess! Lastly, it sure does not bother God I happened to not do the dishes two days in a row and some unknown funk is coming from the bathroom.

Grace Amidst a Mess (1)

See I know I would much rather be forted up with my husband on the couch, enjoying a show together or reflecting on all that is occurring in our life. I look at what is to be found in connecting with him, as he would much rather I sit down than put away those towels I already fluffed up seven times. My children love when I read through mountains of books with them and praise them for all of their hard work and efforts they put into learning something new today. Even my dog would rather I sit and scratch his belly than to finish that macaroni dish that has been soaking since lunch time. As well, I know for a fact God loves when I choose to be in communion with Him and understanding the funk in the bathroom will wait for me. There is no end to housework. My family has clean clothes to wear, food nourishing their bellies, and a woman that loves them so intensely she does not want to miss a beat with them.

As Martha distresses about this very same thing in the book of Luke, and as her sister eagerly sits at the feet of Jesus, He insists on what is to be held of importance.

Luke 10:41-42 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed-or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

I begin to see how my loved ones benefit from my apathy for housework, and even more so when I choose to not be in distress over all the chores in lurking. I decide to not let a messy home distract me from God’s truths. I will not miss out on what is to be had in the middle of the muddle, and I am finding mountainous joy and blessings amidst the desire to be with my family more than the desire for an immaculate home!

2 thoughts on “Grace Amidst a Mess

  1. I blogged along these same lines about a month ago. I often have to stop and ask myself “what does this matter in the scheme of eternity?” This helps me stay focused on what is truly important in God’s eyes which is loving Him and others well! I can so easily be a Martha when what my heart truly desires is to be a Mary. 😀 Great post!

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