Early Morning Charm

One morning I wake up to an alarm urging me to get out of bed and grasp invaluable time in solitude. Another, my body naturally wakes encouraging me, “hey today you need to get up just a little bit earlier”. The nights before I almost know when I will need to set an alarm and when I won’t.

Now that my eyes are open, it’s time to put on the coffee and wait patiently for that cup of “wake up” to brew. Soon enough I make my way, coffee in hand, to the front door and tiptoe out to the porch. Into my spot I settle, feet up, letting my throw blanket envelop me. I stare out, noticing all that is still sleeping or beginning to awake. Morning is quite alluring. Though I no longer live in the country, the view is not all too terrible. From where I sit I can still see the sun pouring across a nearby field and experience the quietness of an old left-to-itself church. Yes, this is what I love about mornings. If up early enough I can take in the life of the neighborhood coming to, ever so steadily. The sun only gradually rises, as well as the birds and other neighborhood wildlife. I can soak it all in, taking the time to be fully awake myself.

There are many things I adore about waking up early. For starters, it has helped me to discover more about myself, as I have the time to mull over how I’m processing life from day to day. I am able to journal through whatever it is that’s rolling around in my mind. I often wonder how I got so lucky to have what I do have, and sometimes I even think about how I go about getting ahead and being more and doing better. Not just how do I try harder at certain things, but how do I actually do them better. The whole emphasis being on “how”. How am I going to be intentional about today, and where and who am I going to turn to figure out these how-tos exactly? With having time to spare in the morning hours I am able to meditate on God’s word. I seek to know Him more bit by bit. I attempt to understand the mindsets of the people of those times in their rightful settings, and I do my best to glean from their experiences what I can.

Early Morning CharmAnother charming aspect about mornings is the chance to be more than just my everyday tasks. This special daily occurrence allows me to enjoy a hobby I often hold so dear, writing in moments of tranquility. I love slow and easy times, taking everything all in and capturing it all on paper with words. Oh how painting a picture with words rather than lines of a drawing or painting is so comforting to me. Going back and reliving those moments as I read them from well-worn paper is somehow wondrous in my world.

With what I have drawn from God’s word, at the end of my morning in solitude I often gain the added benefit of maintaining a more calm and collected mindset. This added benefit naturally flows into how I interact with my family throughout the day. I am able to be more present and have an overall more positive approach. Much beauty can be found in waking up early, and over time I have grown to deeply appreciate the opportunities to experience such wonder.

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