How to Light the Way: Seeking Daily Nourishment

The alarm goes off. Instantly I stretch for the snooze. Not today, I tell myself. I’ll get up early tomorrow, and it will be okay. Two or three days pass, maybe even a week, maybe even more. I am reluctant to put my finger on a certain persistent conviction. I am allowing all the parts of my day to drive out time designated for God. I know the conviction is there, but I push it aside just as I do the very thing I am feeling convicted about. Gradually my impatience over simple things hasten, occasionally accompanied by indignation and an overall poor attitude. Then the guilt comes and the guilt if not pinned for what it is, a tool to keep me from turning back into God, will only make matters worse.

This paints a perfect picture for me as to why daily time with God is so incredibly invaluable. When it comes down to it I relish spending time with God in His word and learning His call upon all of us. Jesus led a sound one of a kind ministry. The only ministry we are to truly model after. We know His ways are perfect and we know we cannot fully reach that level of goodness in our flesh. The only way we can obtain that pristine goodness is by allowing Jesus to rule over our lives, constantly submitting our ways, our wants, and desires over to Him. All of our hopes and dreams are to be laid at His feet for confirmation. We are not to plan a single thing outside of His will. So how can we be knowledgeable of His will if we are not in His word?

How to Light the WayIn Psalm 119:105 David says “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

Why is daily time with God’s word to be guarded? Every sliver of time dwelt in God’s word keeps the lamp burning and keeps the path to truth clear. All that we may seek can be sought for in the Word. Every moment we have the Bible open and our eyes consuming the passages within urges us to keep ourselves accountable to the ways of our heart, and thus our daily living. When it comes to our day to day actions and choices we make we need to know the right way to go. We need our heart to be nourished with what is right and true so that we are making every effort to ultimately be shaped for God’s glory.

Every now and again I will find myself in a slump, which I think is pretty normal. I also realize sometimes it’s bigger than studying the Word daily. Sometimes it’s about resting in what we already know about God and finding our comfort there.

What are some ways you make sure to guard time with God?

2 thoughts on “How to Light the Way: Seeking Daily Nourishment

  1. Ah, I needed to read this. I’ve been letting my quiet time slip and find myself yearning for the Word after the fact. Loved this: “Every sliver of time dwelt in God’s word keeps the lamp burning and keeps the path to truth clear.”

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  2. I started getting up before I had to wake my kids up for school so that I could have some quiet time. Before I knew it, it was not enough time and I was setting my alarm for even earlier. God’s word makes me hunger for more.

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