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Against the Grain of Impatience: Falling Short

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In my previous two posts, I analyzed my struggle with impatience (Against the Grain of Impatience: Proverbs 16:32 and Against the Grain of Impatience: Ephesians 4:29-32).  Truth be told I even struggle with this in my faith walk and growing in godliness. I wish things could go right, my way of right the first time around and all the way around. I yearn for things to go seamlessly in my marriage and in my growth as a wife. I desire for my kids to already understand the way of things and to carry out my expectations. I dream I never failed as a Christian too. But I do fail. I fall short in all of these areas.

I have been aware of my level of impatience for quite a long time. I have battled with it, winning some days, winning only moments other times, and not winning at all in others. There are a few surefire ways I work to apply more patience in my days, in the hard moments. I laid out my battle plan for these exact moments in another previous post, ways I strive to be proactive. 

With that in mind, we can often have the best of intentions in our heart and still throw all of our best efforts out the window. This, let me tell ya, I have experience in. In the heat of the moment, all it takes is one split-second of giving life to our emotions. We are human, and we are not impeccable beings.

What do we do when that happens?

Against the Grain of Impatience Devotional Series-

In my reading of Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp, I have witnessed the value in acknowledging fault when I have wronged my children in impatience. That is with no added attempt at justification followed by asking for their forgiveness. With doing this my hope is I will lead them to understand we cannot be perfect but we ought to ask and give each other forgiveness and strive to do better. We can do well sometimes and other times we might mess it all up, but we need to admit when we have been wrong out of love for others. Then we need to dust ourselves off and keep moving along.

As well, in these tough moments, guilt has the potential to be prevalent. The thing with guilt is that when we let it prevail we blur the lesson to be had. I am never going to be a perfectly patient Christian. I am never going to be a perfect Christian period. I will always need God’s grace and this shows me just that. I will never be able to do life to perfection but there will always be God’s perfect grace.

You see, battling with impatience is not an entirely awful fight. It has taught me to truly appreciate the act of forgiveness and to remind me of my ever-pressing need for God.

We will always struggle with sin in the flesh but God will never forsake us in our battles. His hope will always shine through.

So the next time you mess up, remember to look for the lesson and most importantly remember to look for God.

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