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My Review of Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

Would you like to know something about me and this book? I heard about it and wrestled over the idea of it long before I purchased it. It sat in my cart a few days and then in the save for later bin a few more days, followed by eventually putting it back on its virtual shelf. In all honesty, all I ever knew about the book was simply the title of it.

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I felt like I was being bombarded with gobs and gobs of self-care mantras all over the place and I did not want another self-care bit and another self-care bit was what I assumed this book would entail.

After months of uncertainty, I decided to give it a shot anyhow. I mean it has superb reviews on Amazon and everywhere else! Well, since then it has become a marvelous treasure in my homeschooling toolbox, and I want to tell every homeschooling parent to get. this. book.

Teaching from Rest has helped me reevaluate what is truly important when it comes to making the decision to homeschool my children. It has reminded me to see homeschooling as more than an educational goal.

Academics are a valuable portion of our day to day life and they shape more than just our children’s transcripts. In her book, Sarah helped me to see deeper than what my children’s education looked like on paper and how I could grow to have a more positive impact on it.

“There are a lot of things you can’t control in parenting and homeschooling, but one thing we can do is shape the environment.” – Sarah Mackenzie Teaching from Rest

There are so many precious nuggets of encouragement to be unearthed in Teaching from Rest. I most definitely recommend you grab yourself a copy and feel free to share in the comments what you love about it!

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