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Budget-Friendly Resources for the Elementary Homeschool Mom.

If you’re like me you will have spent a healthy amount of time scavenging ways to homeschool your kiddos in a way that isn’t an overwhelming hit to your budget. You want to stay home with your kids and it’s important you give them a sturdy education.

If you are just beginning out and have landed here, may this serve you well as a launch pad into finding what works for your family!

I can happily say I have been well surprised with the number of options for going the budget-friendly route in homeschooling. Today, I am going to spend our time sharing about the ones my family has personally tried and can attest to. I will continue to check back in and add more to this list as we go along.

Budget-Friendly Resources for the Elementary Homeschool Mom

1.) Easy Peasy Homeschool
Subject: All
Easy Peasy is one of the very first free and certainly beneficial resources I discovered. This is an everything included from PreK through High school curriculum. It is amazing when you are starting out and want to explore the homeschooling world without putting down a bunch of cash to try it out. With time, letting things happen slowly it has really grown on me. Specifically, we love the Learn to Read program and the math programs (Math 1 and Math 2). It is absolutely free online but you also have the option to purchase books at a reasonable price if you prefer to work offline. You can even mix it up and do a bit of both. That’s what we do!

2.) AmblesideOnline
Subject: All
AmblesideOnline is another all the way through high school free curriculum. When I first looked into AO I will admit I was overwhelmed. Over the course of six months or so I was drawn back to it though. I gave myself time to get used to it and to see it for what it’s worth. We have now been using it for almost a whole academic year (year 1). Since it has been such a good fit overall I decided to go ahead and start prepping for the next year. Not only does AO offer a rich education, but they also offer an abundance of support through their separate online forum and a facebook group as well.

3.) Abebooks.com
Subject: All
Abe Books is valuable in my quest for living books to go along with our history and literature studies. Is having the book to hold in your hand and rifle through important to you? That’s a yes for me! Abe Books features a multitude of used books at awesome prices and they even give you the option to look for sellers with free shipping. Double bonus!

4.) Learning Without Tears
Subject: Handwriting
I have been using Learning Without Tears’ handwriting program for three years now in my homeschool, and I hope to use some of their other programs in the near future. While they offer various packages, I have only ever used the student printing workbooks for about $10-$12 each (Kick Start Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st grade). The workbook lasts about a whole year on average and has worked really well with my first two homeschoolers so far.

5.) A Humble Place
Subject: Picture Study
Picture study is a well-loved subject in our homeschool. We used Simply Charlotte Mason for picture study in our first term and loved the quality of the portfolio. I wouldn’t classify it as budget-friendly just starting out, although I do consider it worth saving for. For our second term, I decided to give A Humble Place‘s free picture study aids a try and we have enjoyed studying the artworks just as much! It is well worth looking into.

6.) Sing Solfa
Subject: Music and Singing
I came across Sing Solfa before I realized I did in all honesty. It started with Music with Lindsey when I was looking for something fun and different to do with my little homeschoolers. They were instantly enamored with Miss Lindsey’s teaching. Little did I know her videos would be included in the Sing Solfa lessons I would eventually find once we got closer to officially starting first grade. It is a great program to follow if you want to include music in your homeschool routine!

Feel free to share budget-friendly resources you have found and be sure to check back in as I add more to this list.

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