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Kiwi Crate Month 2 Review

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Right now we are signed up with the Kiwi Crate from Kiwi Co, aimed for kids between the ages of five and eight. It honestly works perfect for my two. I also only have one project shipped each month, verses two. It can be great for a whole family project or simply a team building exercise for the two of them. Learning is going on whichever way we choose to use it.

The Disk Launchers kit is the second STEM project we have received from Kiwi Co. I have to say my kiddos put this project together rather quickly. After they remembered the initial steps from last time of locating the instruction guide and giving things a once over before going in head first, things took off.

One thing I particularly loved about this month’s project was the fine motor skills that were being incorporated. From employing the resistance of the rubber bands to molding clay for the obstacle course.

The instructions were again concise, not confusing, enabling the kids to do most of the reading and figuring out on their own. I will add as a side note, I am a big fan of independent work (for their sake and mine.) The more they see they can do something, the more confidence, the more surity they have for the next project in life. We also enjoy the change of pace taking a day or two to explore the crate brings.

The elation my oldest expressed when the launcher worked properly on the first try (we all know how big of a deal this is) was so awesome to get to see. “It works, Mom!”, she shouted from the kitchen as she launched a small round disk across the room. 

With our last Kiwi Crate, we assembled a working claw that opened and closed to be used in an arcade style game. This time, the kids fabricated a device that launches small discs and can be used in an obstacle course style game. They may appear as miniscule games and simple projects, but it is putting their hands and minds to work in a positive way. This is good! We are looking forward to what month three will deliver to us!

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