About Me

My name is Sammi. I am a stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mom. I have been married to my husband for nine years. We have three adventurous children together and are always trying to keep up it seems.

Through motherhood, I developed a fondness for early mornings, hence the name. It started when my second born started showing signs of colic and was an early riser on top of it. It was a serious struggle for me to be thrown into the day with all the demands of our life. So I came up with a plan to start my days smoother by setting out to wake up before him. It wasn’t easy and I have had my ups and downs with it, but overall it has benefited me greatly!

On Early Bird Wake Up I like to share about my faith, my family, and our homeschooling lifestyle.

You will see a lot about homeschooling resources I find helpful and our experiences on this journey. When we had our first little, she was an avid learner from a young age. It was about then I began to teach myself all that I could about early education and it went from there. I was clear down the rabbit hole. Since then I haven’t stopped studying all that I could (I seriously love to learn). I would love to be able to help out another mom jumping down the same rabbit hole!

On Early Bird Wake Up I also aim to share with you about the faithfulness of God, to encourage you to deepen your faith and knowledge of Him, and to share some behind the scenes of my life which encourage me in this very process.

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